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Apostille for certificates

Apostille for certificates
Apostille for certificates

Apostille marriage certificate

Presenting a translation of a marriage certificate is required in order to obtain foreign citizenship and for a variety of other purposes. If your marriage certificate is not available, you can apply online to locate a marriage certificate at the marriage bureau where it was issued. In order to submit the online application, one must be provided with identifying details of the spouses listed on the marriage certificate (ID or passport numbers and residential address before marriage), and marriage certificate details, as far as they are known (wedding date, place of marriage and marriage certificate number).

The service is provided at no cost. Nevertheless, documents on behalf of the rabbinate are given in Hebrew only. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a notarized translation and obtain an apostille certificate in order to be able to use them in other countries.

Apostille Court

Many international transactions require the presentation of court decisions and judgments. At the same time, judgments and decisions of the court are given by law in the Hebrew language only. Therefore, in case you are interested in presenting decisions given by the court or judgments in foreign countries, they must be translated into English and get a notary and apostille certificate.

Apostille Certificate of Integrity

A certificate of integrity is a certificate attesting to the criminal or traffic record of a clean person and that there are no convictions in the criminal record. Many employers around the world require a certificate of integrity as a precondition for employment. Everyone is entitled to apply to all police stations in Israel to order a certificate of integrity. Certificates will be sent directly to foreign missions in Israel, to Israeli missions abroad or to authorities for international adoption, depending on the information available. Nevertheless, since the documents are provided in the Hebrew language, it is necessary to translate them and obtain a notarized certificate and an apostille certificate.

Apostille birth certificate

Anyone wishing to obtain foreign citizenship is required to translate their birth certificate. If you do not have a birth certificate, you can apply online for a birth certificate for those born in Israel at no cost. The service is provided to applicants for themselves, their siblings, children, parents, grandchildren, grandparents and spouses.

A birth certificate can be requested in Hebrew and English, but most countries will require an apostille stamp stating that the translation was done correctly.

Apostille American Birth Certificate
Apostille American Birth Certificate

Apostille American Birth Certificate

The U.S. Citizens Unit at the United States Embassy in Israel provides notarial services to U.S. and Israeli citizens who require a notarized signature for use in the United States. Nevertheless, the spread of the corona virus caused the embassy to work on a small scale in the newborn. As a result, the waiting times for a queue at the embassy have been extended unprecedentedly.

Therefore, the simplest way to obtain certificates in Israel that will also be valid in the United States is to use the services of a notary with an American apostille to sign documents, which will save you the complicated dealings with the United States Embassy.

Apostille death certificate

In order to issue a death certificate, an application must be submitted for documentation from the Population Registry stating the ID number of the deceased. If the application is for a person who died before 1955, the place of residence of the deceased at the time of death as well as the place of his death must be indicated.

If the applicant is a relative of the deceased’s first seminary, he can apply for the death certificate using an online application form. Another interested party who applies for a death certificate will need to fill out an application form for documentation from the Population Registry, attach a letter of explanation or power of attorney from the deceased’s family member and submit the application by physically arriving at one of the Population and Immigration Authority offices. Issuance of the death certificate does not involve payment.

It should be noted that death certificates are issued in the Hebrew language only. Therefore, the certificate must be translated into another language and the translation must be verified by a certified notary. After the notarized translation an apostille stamp is also required, which will give official legal validity to the certificate.

Apostille Divorce Certificate

Not infrequently, divorced couples lose their divorce certificate after the divorce proceedings. At the same time, sometimes a translation of the divorce certificate is required to carry out legal actions abroad. In such a case, a copy of the divorce certificate should be requested from the rabbinical court where the divorce was committed. The application form must include ID numbers, the names of the spouses, the date of the divorce, as well as the telephone number of the applicant and a copy of the identity card, and the fee set forth in the regulations must be paid at the court secretariat.

It should be noted that rabbinical courts do not provide a notarized translation of divorce certificates. Therefore, if you are interested in a notarized translation of the certificate, you must independently contact a notary who provides translation services. You must then contact the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain an apostille certificate. It is advisable to contact a notary office from the beginning that offers apostille services and save considerable time and effort.

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