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A Complete Guide to Relocation from Israel to Portugal


The allure of relocating to a foreign country, with its promise of new opportunities and experiences, has led many Israelis to consider Portugal as their ideal destination. Portugal, known for its low living costs, affordable housing, splendid weather, picturesque beaches, and rich cultural heritage, is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for those seeking a fresh start. In this extensive guide, we will delve into various facets of immigration to Portugal, covering work prospects, visa options, pathways to citizenship, residency requirements, healthcare facilities, and educational opportunities.

Work Opportunities in Portugal

One of the most enticing aspects of moving to Portugal is the diverse range of work opportunities available. A significant number of Israelis who relocate to Portugal continue their employment remotely for Israeli companies, reaping the financial benefits of combining a competitive salary with the lower cost of living in Portugal. This option not only promises financial security but is also highly recommended due to the alignment of living expenses in Portugal with the salaries earned.

Visa and Citizenship Options

Visa/Citizenship Type Eligibility Purpose Benefits
Portuguese Passport Ancestry connected to Spain Full citizenship rights Property ownership, investment opportunities, education access, unrestricted employment
Work Visa Contract with Portuguese company Employment Stability and flexibility in work
D7 Visa Passive income or pensions Passive income support Ideal for retirees and investors
Golden Visa Investment in specific sectors Investment Path to long-term residency and citizenship

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For those with an entrepreneurial spirit and the means to invest, Portugal offers opportunities in agriculture and renewable energy sectors. Moreover, there are pathways for obtaining permanent visas, which provide more flexibility in terms of working options. Portugal also caters to young professionals who are taking their first steps in the job market, especially in cities like Lisbon, where sales centers and telephone customer service hubs hire foreign language speakers, including those fluent in Hebrew.

Visas and Citizenship

Portugal maintains an accommodating approach towards visa and citizenship applicants from Israel, offering several viable avenues for immigration:

  1. Portuguese Passport: Acquiring a Portuguese passport is the ultimate goal for many immigrants, as it grants full citizenship rights, including property ownership, investment opportunities, access to education, and unrestricted employment. To secure a Portuguese passport, one typically needs to demonstrate a connection to descendants of those deported from Spain and navigate through a bureaucratic procedure. While some intrepid individuals attempt this process independently with the help of online guides and social media groups, it is often advisable to enlist the assistance of expert lawyers experienced in immigration matters.
  2. Work Visa: For those without Portuguese ancestry or a passport, a work visa can be obtained based on a contract with a Portuguese company. Once in the country, this visa can be converted into a resident visa, providing greater stability and flexibility.
  3. D7 Visa: Suited for individuals with passive income that can support them during their stay in Portugal, the D7 visa is a popular choice among retirees and those with income from investments or pensions.
  4. Golden Visa: Designed for investors and businesspersons in sectors such as agriculture, ecology, and renewable energy, the Golden Visa is a long-term visa that can eventually lead to Portuguese citizenship.

Medical Insurance in Portugal

Portugal boasts a healthcare system considered relatively good, although it does not provide comprehensive coverage. The system offers free medical care to minors under 18 and adults over 65, with others expected to contribute modest monthly fees for health insurance. Foreign residents, especially those with a work visa, enjoy nearly the same rights and benefits as citizens, with only a few exceptions such as fees for certain medical examinations. Before departing for Portugal, it is highly recommended to secure comprehensive health insurance with 24/7 support in a language you are comfortable with. Private health insurance not only ensures access to high-quality healthcare but also allows you to avail services at internationally recognized hospitals and clinics, often with shorter waiting times.

Work Opportunities

Work Sector Opportunities
Remote Work for Israeli Companies Financial benefits, lower living costs
Entrepreneurship (Agriculture, Renewable Energy) Investment and business opportunities
Sales and Customer Service (Lisbon) Job opportunities for foreign language speakers
Professional Opportunities (Lisbon, Porto) Young professionals in various fields

Living in Portugal

The primary factor that attracts Israelis to Portugal is the remarkably low cost of living. Let’s explore the various aspects of life in Portugal:

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Medical Insurance in Portugal

Healthcare System Coverage Costs Recommendations
Portuguese Healthcare System Basic coverage, some exceptions Modest monthly fees Secure comprehensive private health insurance for better access and shorter waiting times

Shopping and Expenses

Portugal boasts high-quality, reasonably priced food items, with grocery costs significantly lower than those in Israel. Whether it’s bread, cheese, or meat, you’ll find that most products are available at a fraction of the Israeli prices. Portuguese residents, on an average monthly salary of 1300 euros, enjoy a free public education system and access to a cost-effective healthcare system. For those making the move from Israel, the lower cost of living in Portugal can significantly improve their quality of life.

Education in Portugal

Families considering relocation to Portugal will be pleased to discover a wide array of private education options, especially in major cities. Many of these private schools and kindergartens offer international programs with English as the primary medium of instruction. Although tuition fees in Portugal may be relatively higher compared to local standards, they remain significantly more affordable than those in Israel. For instance, a private kindergarten in Portugal may cost around 400 euros, only a fraction of the price in Israel’s urban centers. Moreover, Portuguese private schools offer longer school hours and a rich curriculum, often including various extracurricular activities, reducing the need for additional childcare and classes.

Shopping and Expenses in Portugal


Costs in Portugal

Comparison with Israel

Grocery Items

Significantly lower

More affordable


Affordable private schools

Lower tuition fees

Public Services

Cost-effective healthcare and education

Accessible services

Quality of Life

Improved with lower cost of living

Enhanced lifestyle

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Academic Opportunities

Portugal’s academic landscape presents excellent prospects for those contemplating higher education. The country is home to three prestigious universities located in Porto, Lisbon, and Coimbra. While Porto and Lisbon universities are more renowned, Coimbra offers a unique blend of academic excellence and a vibrant student atmosphere. Tuition fees in Portugal vary according to the field of study and the type of institution, but in general, they are remarkably affordable. Unlike some countries where international students face significantly higher tuition costs, Portugal promotes equality by offering similar rates to both foreign and local students. If you plan to study at a public university in Portugal, be prepared to learn the Portuguese language beforehand. Portuguese universities are well-regarded across various disciplines, conducting advanced research and offering world-class education.


Relocating to Portugal presents an exciting opportunity for an enhanced quality of life, diverse career avenues, and immersion in a rich and vibrant culture. Although the process of immigration may initially appear daunting, seeking legal and notarial support can streamline the journey. From securing work visas to pursuing citizenship, Portugal opens its arms to Israelis seeking a fresh start. As you embark on this remarkable adventure, adequate preparation, including obtaining a Portuguese passport, will pave the way for a smooth transition to your new life in Portugal.

Education and Academic Opportunities

Education Aspect Overview
Private Schools Offer international programs with English as the medium of instruction
Kindergarten Fees Approximately 400 euros, significantly lower than Israel
Higher Education Prestigious universities with affordable tuition fees
Language Portuguese language skills necessary for public universities

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